Cobo Global Markets to migrate corporate data and analytics platform to Snowflake Data Cloud

  • Snowflake will help transform Cboe’s internal data and analytics infrastructure into a modern cloud architecture

  • Provides a more scalable and efficient platform to centralize, integrate and analyze Cboe’s proprietary data

  • Enhances operational performance and capabilities to enable rapid analytics for both internal and customers

  • Drives Cboe’s effort to move to more cloud-based solutions

Chicago, 28 July 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cboe Global Markets, Inc. (Cboe: CBOE), a leading provider of global market infrastructure and tradable products, today announced that it is leveraging Snowflake, a data cloud company, to migrate its corporate data and analytics from on-site. can do. Premises systems for the cloud. The adoption of Snowflake’s Data Cloud will help transform Cobo’s data and analytics infrastructure to a modern cloud architecture, bringing speed, scalability and efficiency to the company’s internal, proprietary data and analytics operations.

(PRNewsfoto/Cboe Global Markets, Inc.)

(PRNewsfoto/Cboe Global Markets, Inc.)

The flexible and highly scalable Snowflake data cloud platform, which can operate as a single cloud across different infrastructure cloud providers and regions, will help Cboe to deploy additional tools to its existing data sets, the way it Collects and mines your data. Ultimately, this is expected to improve Cboe’s capabilities in the ways it can analyze data, and achieve rapid analytics to provide intelligence both internally and to customers.

“Cboe will leverage Snowflake to accelerate our cloud migration journey and modernize how we manage and use our proprietary corporate data and analytics to benefit us and our customers.” Eileen Smith, Senior Vice President, Data and Analytics, Cobo Global Markets. “Snowflake provides a highly flexible and scalable data cloud platform that enables our teams to handle ever-increasing volumes of data with greater speed and efficiency, thanks to the management, mining and analysis of that data internally across our global business. improves our capabilities and shares those insights with our customers. We look forward to the many expected benefits Snowflake provides.”

Cboe plans to use Snowflake as a security data lake to integrate the data for efficient detection and response and other cyber security use cases. Additionally, the migration to Snowflake’s data cloud creates an opportunity for Cbobo to potentially create new data products and services, while increasing access to market participants through unique distribution channels such as Snowflake’s cloud capabilities and Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing. Extends data access.

“The successful financial services companies of tomorrow know what they need to deliver a seamless data experience,” said Rineesh Patel, Global Industry GTM Lead, Financial Services, Snowflake. “The work that Cboe is doing to modernize its data and analytics infrastructure and deliver faster, better information to its internal teams and customers is a model for how the financial services industry should modernize, more customers of operations. We must work on a centric model and take advantage of the data monetization opportunities that exist in financial services.”

Cboe continues to move toward more cloud-based solutions and the association with Snowflake is part of its ongoing global cloud strategy.

In November 2021In a separate initiative, Cboe launched Cboe Global Cloud, a new real-time, cloud-based market data streaming service that aims to optimize the efficiency and delivery of Cboe’s data services to market participants globally. Cboe Global Cloud is designed to enable customers to access real-time Cboe data from multiple locations around the world with a direct Internet connection. In addition, Cboe Global Cloud helps bring together Cboe’s wide range of real-time data products on a single unified platform, giving customers a simple and convenient way to access a variety of real-time data through a single access point. Get an efficient way. For more information, visit Cobo Global Cloud Website,

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