Giants Training Camp, Day 1: A new day for the Giants’ offense, and more

East Rutherford, NJ — The New York Giants The training camp concluded its first exercise on Wednesday morning at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. From the first day till now, there is a lot to discuss, so let’s know on some special things.

Not the crime of your same old veterans

Pre-Snap Motion. abnormal alignment. Quick, often horizontal, throws towards moving targets. Yeah, it’s not the huge crime we’ve gotten used to over the past few seasons.

There were three plays during first-team 11-on-11 work that were special to me.

  • The first game of the day featured Saxon Barkley running back into the slot and the second round saw Vandell Robinson standing in the backfield. Of course, Robinson finished two years of running in Nebraska. I honestly don’t remember the outcome of the play. Alignment is what I thought was important.
  • Another play featured Barkley in the backfield, with both Kadarius Tony and Robinson aligning to the left. On the snap, both Tony and Robinson came into formation down the offensive line. The play caused Tony to exit the backfield for a short touchdown as the Giants worked the red zone.
  • A third play saw Barkley exit the backfield, turning upfield on a snap, and Daniel Jones caught a short touchdown pass in the middle.

We wrote a lot in the spring about the Giants using speed and quick throws in their offense. It was even more visible on Wednesday.

health supplies

Injuries have been a problem for veterans for many years. Any loyal follower knows this. Wednesday was perhaps a small step in a positive direction.

First, rookie tight end Daniel Bellinger was dropped from the physically disabled performance (PUP) list and served with the first unit throughout the team period.

Second, apart from PUP and Non-Football Injury (NFI) players (Aziz Ozulari, Sterling Shepard, Matt Pert, Nick Gates) and quarterbacks, no players were sitting outside or wearing red jerseys.

In the end, the Giants got through 90 minutes of practice without any noticeable injuries. No one left the practice. No one was lame, or the car was driven. Everyone who started the exercise seemed to finish it without incident, making Wednesday a good day on the health front.

“Well, first of all, I would say that our training staff, our medical staff, our sports science, our strengths staff really worked in the spring of mapping out what we need to do to try to get to this point. Let’s do it,” head coach Brian Dabol said. “And we knew that the three guys who are on PUP right now were going to be very much on PUP, and really everyone else who was in those red jerseys had a plan – I would say a very detailed plan, and those guys Great job everyone should be ready to go.

“Credit to those in the organization for their planning and for getting those people to go where we wanted to be today.”

  • Linebacker Blake Martinez, coming back from a torn ACL, said he had “no doubt” he would be ready to start the season and said he “felt well” in his first practice.
  • Left tackle Andrew Thomas was a full partner after ankle surgery was limited in the spring. He added that he is “feeling great” and that he knows no bounds.

offensive game of the day

Here’s what Kadarius Toni did on Wednesday:

It’s a brilliant, twisting catch by Tony with cornerback Aaron Robinson in tight coverage.

Wednesday was a good day for Tony. He caught a few balls, he celebrated with Vandell Robinson after the rookie caught a touchdown pass. He made it through the entire exercise without incident.

The truth is that after day one Tony already had a better and more productive training camp than he did throughout the 2021 camp.

defensive game of the day

It was a great play by Darne Holmes. It was also a terrible one by Daniel Jones, throwing Barkley late in the middle of the field at the goal line.

Today’s thought

Many Giants players were wearing ‘Guardian caps’, which were soft shell helmets that fit over regular helmets and are believed to reduce concussions. Blake Martinez was one of them. The veteran linebacker admitted that the caps didn’t look good.

Martinez, however, will keep with the look for added protection.

“Anything that can protect your brain, especially for me, I want to prolong this thing, I’m down,” he said.

Left tackle Andrew Thomas, who was limited in the spring following his second ankle surgery in as many seasons, was a full participant. He said he was “feeling great.” He added that the Giants “had a plan for me … just followed it.”

NFL: New York Giants Training Camp

Veteran linemen and linebackers were wearing ‘Guardian caps’ on Wednesday.


First Team Offense:

QB – Jones; RB – Barclay; WR – Kenny Golladay; WR – Kadarius Tony; WR – VanDell Robinson; Te – Bellinger; LT – Andrew Thomas; LG – Shane Lemieux; c – John Feliciano; RG – Mark Glowinsky; RT – Evan Neil.

Defense of the first team:

DL Leonard Williams, Dexter Lawrence; Edge – Kayvan Thibodaux, Jihad Ward; ILB – Blake Martinez, Tae Crowder: CB – Adori ‘Jackson, Aaron Robinson, Darne Holmes (slot); S – Xavier McKinney, Julian Love.

The fans are back!

Fans were present for the training camp on Wednesday for the first time since 2019. Barkley signing the autograph after practice was certainly a highlight.

NFL: New York Giants Training Camp

Leonard Williams interacting with fans at training camp on Wednesday.

Blake Martinez said, “I tell people all the time – I come here from Green Bay and you are used to that kind of environment in both places.” “It was special to be able to do that again.”

nick gates update

The injured offensive lineman, after recovering from a gruesome leg injury, interacted amicably with several media members after practice. Dabol and GM Joe Schön both indicated that Gates is doing a lot better in his rehab than he could have imagined.

“This guy is incredibly rehabilitating, he has made a lot of progress. Where he is and when he is ready, I can’t answer right now,” Dabol said. “I think his mindset and What he has done so far is truly remarkable.”

“I’ll just say that when I got here, I was concerned about his quality of life,” Scion said. “The fact that he is where he is and can be able to play in the preseason is amazing and credit to the kid. He is working his butt.”

Dabol soon put the brakes on Gates’ idea, but added that Gates’ return “may be earlier than you think, it may be earlier than any of us think.”

aggressive tackle swap

The Giants waived OT Kamal Seymour, who had just been signed Tuesday, and signed OT Garrett McGinn. McGinn, 6-6, 320 pounds, has been with the Buffalo Bills twice, the Carolina Panthers (two games played in 2019) and the Jacksonville Jaguars since 2019. He played for the New Jersey Generals in the USFL this spring.

program of remaining mass training camp

The Giants will return to the field on Thursday morning. Here are the remaining public practices:

Thursday, July 28: 10 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.
Friday, July 29: 10 a.m. – noon
Saturday, July 30: 10 a.m. – noon
Monday, August 1:10am – 11:45am
Tuesday, August 2: 10am – noon
Wednesday, August 3: 10am – noon
Friday, August 5: 6 pm – 8:30 pm – Giants Fan Fest and Scrimmage (MetLife Stadium)
Sunday, August 7: 10 am – noon
Monday, August 8: 10 am – noon
Tuesday, August 9: 10 am – noon
Sunday, August 14: 10am – noon (end of public training camp practices)

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