New Near: Automata Secret Room Discovered After 5 Years – Is It Legit?

Near: Automata Fans and the game’s modding community are intrigued by the reveal of a previously unseen secret area in the game – a discovery made five years later. automataRelease on PlayStation 4. What makes the mystery even more perplexing is that only one anonymous player has ever allegedly accessed it.

players who are well acquainted Nearer:automata And the game’s current modding scene is stymied by this quest: does venturing into this previously undiscovered territory require very specific requirements? Is this a variant of the PC version as a PlayStation 4 game? Is this a prank? An arg from the developers? anything else?

Near: Automata The modding community doesn’t have a definitive answer to those questions so far. But dozens of Nier enthusiasts are digging through game files, replaying the game, debating whether Near: Automata Studying modding techniques, and frame-by-frame video like in modern Zpruder film.

saga of Near: AutomataThe secret new area of ​​the game — a church hidden behind a wall in the game’s copied city area — debuted in early June, when a player posted a question to the Near subreddit. asking what was needed to reach the church area, He had access to it, so why not his friend? The other players didn’t know what the original poster was talking about. There is no church at that level, said one player. “I don’t think you can enter any building in the copied city,” replied another.

Original poster, which goes by sadfutago on reddit, later posted the video of the church And where they accessed it – through a never-before-seen camouflaged door. Some people got suspicious and called the video fake. Others started investigating.

It wasn’t until Monday, when lead modder and streamer Lance McDonald posted a new wrinkle to the saga, that the story Near: AutomataA new mystery broke out. (McDonald’s is also responsible for finding Near: Automatais considered “final secret” Last year.)

“Someone randomly posted a video Near Automata subreddit showing they found a secret room in the city they copied,” McDonald’s wrote on Twitter, “So far no one else has figured out how they managed to reveal this secret door. Literally 1 person on earth has entered this room and we are completely stunned.” McDonald’s later explained that it “is not yet possible to modify”. Near Automata As such,” adding that “the community is in shock about this discovery.”

current mode for Near: Automata The PC version of the game generally featured character model replacements, high-resolution texture updates, and other quality of life improvements. Creating or adding brand new geometry to the game world is more challenging, say modders, especially on PS4.

a popular . Feather Near: Automata Modifying Discord servers, community members are stripping down every detail from the many videos Sadfutago posted. They have filled the poster with questions, leading to speculation that Sadfutago is reportedly playing on an unmatched, physical version. Near: Automata On a PlayStation 4 that has been disconnected from the Internet. Getting clear answers is challenging our sadfutago, it seems.

Modders and nerd experts have tried to see the alleged secret area through a roundabout way – using a wireframe-only view and breaking the boundaries of the game – but still don’t see the church. In hopes of cracking the mystery, new dramas of the game are taking place now.

Posted by Sadfutago on Tuesday A clearer and longer version of his videoWhat appears to be a full viewing area, but there is little to interact with.

The discussions on Nier modding Discord servers generally agree on one thing: if this new realm is a player-made mod, it’s a sophisticated one. so sophisticated that the only potential author is the same Near: Automata The development staff or someone who is so talented that they are developing their mod secretly and without the wide support of the community.

There is also widespread suspicion that this is either a long-hidden Easter egg or part of some guerrilla marketing effort. The game’s two high-end developers, producers Yosuke Saito and Yoko Tar, aren’t quite coming to terms with what they know.

“Eternal Mystery” Saito tweeted Quote-tweeting the viral tweet about Lance McDonald’s hidden field on Tuesday. Saito too tweeted That such a well-buried secret is something the clever Yoko Taro would do, and later added “First of all, please calm down and make a reservation here” — linking to a separate tweet about the upcoming Nintendo Switch port. Near: Automata,

For Yoko Taro, the producer preferred a more definitive response. “Do you want to know about my insights?” Taro tweeted a fan Who asked about the Mystery Church. “In that case, you can find the answer on my Twitter profile. Thank you.”

The “answer” in Tarot’s profile is: “I can’t answer about any products. Please ask the publisher.” In other words, the Tarot is clearly not interested in confirming or denying this particular mystery. (Incidentally, taro did Confirm the discovery of the “Last Secret” above from Near: Automata Last year.)

As far as Sadfutago is up and over, it’s worth noting that His reddit profile has only been used to post about this one topic, and only in the Nier subcategory. Their name, Sadfutago, contains the Japanese word for twins. Near: Automata There is a group of twins: Devola and Popola, and their stairs appear as props in the hidden church altar. Also there is a character to appear on that altar Near: RepJonah.

Every new revelation has Nier fans and modders looking for new answers, but as interest has grown, so has Nier modding Discord. It is currently filled with memes, copypastas and rapid-fire shitposting. But as some nerdy fans seek answers, some are just as happy to be along for the ride, disappointment be damned.

“It’s either a god-level and impressive hoax or a great save on data and either way it’s amazing,” a nerdy subreddit poster said in response to SadFootago’s latest video. “I’ve never been so happy to potentially be bamboo before.”

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