NXT Recap & Reactions (July 26, 2022): Toxic Avengers

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. NXT is on its way heatwave, which seems insensitive depending on your geographic location. Correct?!

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Let’s talk about NXT!

four long months

Zoey Stark started this week’s show with an emotional promo for the crowd. A tried-and-true wrestling trope occurs when Heel conjures up a true horde of returning babyfaces. earth blank jade And Toxic attraction interrupts Zoey’s story of recovery, fear and ultimate joy. Zoey was less concerned with Cora than the toxic alcoholic because he despised her and for two, she wanted Mandy’s championship. Mandy, the soon-to-be woman with the fourth-longest NXT Championship in the history of the arena, was more than happy to handle her light assignment while shouting out the honor to Gigi Dolin in her name.

So let’s summarize: Gigi and Zoey have a match scheduled, Mandy and Zoey have a future match for the championship, Cora Jade is waiting in the wings, and there’s still Roxanne Perez’s issue. he is very Conspiracy, isn’t it?

Zoey vs Gigi was too young. It’s something I say every week with NXT but yes, it’s very short. Another match that went well as soon as it ended. Zoey was looking good, and she almost W. Zoey needs to look like a legitimate threat to Mandy’s title and she does this time. But how long Cora Jade appeared to rain in her parade before she had a chance to enjoy her first solo victory in God. Then Roxanne Pérez came to the rescue and get some revenge.

I love the pieces at play here and combine them seamlessly. But I wanna see even more Zoey before I get here heatwave,


trick daddy

Grayson Waller and Trick Williams are the perfect foils for Wes Lee at the moment. Wes carries his heart on his sleeve and is an incredibly sympathetic friend. Trick and Wes? Yes, quite the opposite. The beauty of Wes and Grayson’s match this week is wrestling of such high quality that I completely forgot about the trick part in this story. So of course when he showed up, I said, “Duh.”

This match was about character work, something that’s pretty cool about NXT. Wes did a little showboat but just a little bit. She flashes her W (Westside!) to make Grayson eat her words. And, of course, when Grayson took control, it was all about embarrassing his opponent. But all that emotion within Wes forces his hand; Sometimes he goes too far and pays the price. Grayson, not taking advantage of his lowly opponent and talking too much trash, ended up on the wrong end of an offensive attack. Wes then took to the top rope, as he felt all that emotion, and found himself on the floor while Grayson was recovering.

Trick showed up, disguised of course, and punched Wes in the back of the head and wrapped his fists in boxing gloves. The referee never saw it and it looked like a count out loss was in the future for Wes. But he turned to the right on the count of nine, to display the whole heart.

But, yes, it was too late. Grayson hits him with his stunner, headed for the pay window, while Trick taunts Wes.

I think it was a bit overbooked with the trick interfering, almost counting out, and then the final W for the trick, but it worked for the most part. Mostly because of sympathy and sympathy for Wes.

anatomy of a murder

It was an awkward segment with JD McDonagh. For those who missed it, JD bought himself tickets to the show and introduced himself to the NXT audience. proper choice. He wanders around talking about the number of Americans who have died from eating popcorn, introducing himself to the timekeeper and Alicia, while explaining how much damage a bell hammer can do to human anatomy. It was all unnecessary. What worked, however, was the Jedi’s conversation with Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph. His quiet menace and so many hidden threats to both men turn the Jedi into a psychological horror movie villain. And, as a horror geek, I dig this a lot.

Braun walks into the ring, talks about his upcoming match heatwave, and suffered a horrific head butt from JD. Braun returned the favor with the butt of his head, cracking JD’s lips. As in more psychic horror movie stuff, the Jedi not only laughed at his blood oozing, but tasted it multiple times with his fingers and smiled.

Keep everything from the point where JD introduces himself to Wade until the end of the segment and it’s a home run.

Julius Creed is a better leader for the Diamond Mine. This is probably an understatement at this point. Creed is the heart and soul of the crew, so of course he’s the one who collapsed during the big main event feud between Diamond Mine and Tony Dee’s family. The moment I loved, wanted more in this match, all eight men were pitted against each other in a fight. These teams don’t like each other and Diamond Mine has more to lose than Tony’s fam. It doesn’t have to be just a wrestling match; Make it a feud. The feud didn’t last long so we got a solid wrestling match with a good story. One team, Tony’s family. There is a feeling. The LDF is not only finding their footing within the crew, but they are losing bits and pieces of their lucha flavor and dressing like goons. Mine, on the other hand, is looking for anything to hold them together.

And finally, for a minute, it seemed that the mine was actually on the other side of a dark tunnel. Julius and Roderick Strong worked on Tony in harmony. Julius hit high, Roderick hit low. Tandem offensive move followed by tandem offensive move. Two people always bowing their heads were on the same page in the end.

Julius grabs Tony for a big knee off Roddy. But Tony is gone, duh, and Roddy accidentally hits Julius. Tony dispatches a shocked Roderick and hits Julius with the fisherman’s suplex.

forget about it.

I keep saying that I wish the story of Diamond Mine ended because it got too long but it was a good twist. It showed one last glimmer of hope and that, in full force and on the same page, the Diamond Mine is still a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately for them this chapter is probably now permanently closed. i want a julius vs roderick match heatwave,


The Zion Quinn vs. Apollo Crew was definitely a change of pace from the first match of this week’s show. Apollo, clearly a mighty cat, used his speed and agility versus Quinn rather than match or dominate him. until the end where he crushed Quinn with a spinebuster. The Green Goblin would be proud.

I’m not sure what they’re doing with Xyon at the moment. He keeps picking fights with people and losing those fights, while the story he tells with Apollo is one of someone climbing the ladder. Let’s just hope they did the journaling. solid match.


Giovanni Vinci and Andre Chase played a really good match this week. It went on for a lot longer than I predicted, with a lot of near falls predicted. Vinci won but it was a competitive match. And it looks like they’re setting up Nathan Fraser vs. Giovanni for the future.

tag title??

WWE asked Alundra Blaze to come to Florida this week. Why? That’s why the WWE Hall of Fame may be taking the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship out of the trash, which Cora Jade dropped last week. Cute reference which I only popped a little bit. Alundra and Roxanne Perez announced the Fatal 4-Way for the NXT Women’s Tag Championship next week: Chance & Carter, Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley, Toxic Attraction, and Valentina Firoz & Ulyssa Lyonne.

kiss my boot

Indy Hartwell and Ariana Grace fought the best match of the night. Once again, there’s no real time to do much and there wasn’t much of a real story to go into either. Ariana was tight-lipped as Indy dropped her from last week’s battle royal. So he challenged her. It may work but the match itself needs to justify the simplicity. I did not do it. Indy won, though continuing this strange place she no longer exists within Florida’s state lines due to all the story parts surrounding her.

I really enjoyed this week’s show. Not the most exciting show in terms of news, but matches with lots of forward movement and bets or set matches with a lot of stakes. We found several video segments setting up future matches, including a preview of Lash Legend and Alba Faire. The videos actually slowed down the action a bit for me, even though I understand their purpose.

But not having Apollo journaling any week is a win.

Grade: B+

This is my grade and I stick to it. your turn.

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