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Venice Film Festival Head Alberto Barbera made a generally interesting reveal lineup today, full of potential fireworks and serious cinema. From “Personal and Ambitious” by Alejandro González Iárritu bardo Netflix for the much-loved Marilyn Monroe biopic White, there are discussion titles on the proposal and a lot of discussion points. The lineup also introduced some interesting deviations from the previous versions. Below, we discuss the selection with Barbera, who cultivated the lineup with his team over a nine-month period.

time limit: This is a great looking lineup. Rich and serious. How are you feeling about it?

Alberto Barbara: I am very happy. It was a challenging and lengthy process. We started watching movies last November. Of course, there were movies that weren’t completed and we didn’t get to, but most of the movies I wanted to see I could watch and many of them are in selection here. With filmmakers from all over the world, there is a lot of diversity in the lineup. There are big names but there are also new discoveries from emerging countries.

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time limit: You’ve had great tentpole blockbusters in recent years like Dune And clown, Have you tried for such a film this year?

Barbera: We discussed with all the studios. There really was no blockbuster like this clown either Doon, But we still have a great presence from US studios: WB, Sony, Searchlight, Universal, Netflix, Amazon. And for the first time we have two films from A24. I’m really glad we were able to make it work with them and hope this is the first of many collaborations.

There was only one movie we couldn’t see, that was the Spielberg movie [The Fabelmans], It was a film that all fall festivals wanted to see, but none other than Toronto got the chance to see it internationally.

Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Fablemans’ world premiere at Toronto Film Festival

time limit: near you White, which has generated a lot of interest in the long run. What do you think about the film?

Barbera: I am not allowed to make premature decisions on the quality of movies. But we are very happy about the film as it is one of the most awaited and talked about films of last 12 months. Andrew Dominic tried to go to Cannes, but it was not possible. I am happy to be able to present this film to the world.

time limit: It is an R-rated film. Is it as dark as suggested?

Barbera: There will be a lot of discussion about the film. This is not a film that tries to please everyone. It has a distinctive and strong approach. I look forward to seeing the response.

time limit: You’ve touched Midas in recent years when it comes to Oscar films. Which movies in the lineup do you think might pop with Academy voters?

Barbera: are a number. Tar Pucca. Cate Blanchett is absolutely amazing. It is a very ambitious film. Inaritu is a contender again bardo, This is probably his most personal and ambitious film till date. noah baumbach movie [White Noise] There is also another claimant, and Son The Oscars will be in talks, I’m sure. I’m curious about the response of White, we will see. Luca Guadagnino’s film [Bones and All] have a chance to join the race as don’t worry darling,

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time limit: Harry Styles Growing up as a film actor this fall with two films in big festivals. Do you see him as a future star of the big screen?

Barbera: that could be. we will see. It’s hard to look into the future, but it’s very possible, yes.

time limit: What are some of the hidden gems in the lineup?


the immensita

Barbera: I was really surprised by Alice Diop’s movie [Saint Omer], It is a short film but very strong. It’s done very well. zafar panahi [No Bears] Absolutely outstanding. This is one of his best films. santiago miter [Argentina 1985] is excellent. As in the film by Emmanuel Crielles [L’Immensita], which owes Penelope Cruz. second iranian film, beyond the wallThere might be a surprise too.

time limit: YouYou once again have an excellent series of documentaries…

Barbera: laura poitras movie [All the Beauty and the Bloodshed] The contest is the best documentary I’ve seen this year. This is a portrait of Nan Goldin of Underground Film in New York in the 1980s, and it is also a portrait of the big-pharma Sackler family. Personally, I like the Frederick Wiseman movie [A Couple] very.

time limit: The inclusion of a film by the late Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk raised some eyebrows, as he was accused of assault by several women at the end of his life. Was there discussion about the suitability of their inclusion?

Barbera: This is a filmmaker discovered by Venice more than 20 years ago. He has won awards here including the Golden Lion. We are showing a film that he could not finish because he contracted covid in Estonia and dead, We thought it appropriate to pay tribute to him.

time limit: I think it was in this environment that talks were held whether he should be included?

Barbera: were there. But he was a great artist, and I think there was no reason for him not to be here.

time limit: In terms of movies that weren’t ready, we gather Martin Scorsese flower moon killer Was there a way to get ready?

Barbera: Yes, far from ready. Probably a Cannes or Venice movie next year. This is a long edit.

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time limit: Russian filmmakers were not banned this year. Were there any submissions?

Barbera: We said earlier that films supporting the Russian state cannot play at the festival. We got very few films from Russia this year. There was only one Russian movie I saw that I really liked, but it was funded by the Russian government so we couldn’t take it.

time limit: As always, there is a solid crop of Italian films. What do you think about the health of the local industry right now?

Barbera: It is mixed. The number of Italian productions almost doubled this year. More than 250 films were produced, which is not normal or helpful. There are tax credits and lots of subsidies from regional bodies as well as private investors. It is easy enough to make a film in Italy today, but it creates quantity rather than quality. We have selected the very best Italian movies, but there was also a huge level of films presented below the quality you would expect. there was a mistake [in terms of the number of films made]And most of the local producers have accepted it.

time limit: There will be some programs in honor of Ukraine, you have said…

Barbera: Yes, we have three Ukrainian films. We haven’t decided exactly what we will do, but starting next week we will discuss options for honoring Ukrainian and Iranian filmmakers.

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