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after three weeks, big brother 24 The narrative is finally starting to shift. Many houseguests are focused on isolating and targeting Taylor, but when Daniel and Nicole attacked Taylor this week, it set off a wave in the game that created a new alliance. And if the house is about to turn upside down.

Wednesday night’s episode starts right after the nomination ceremony. The tuner just nominated Brittany and Michael and they told us Brittany will be the target if her nomination stays the same, but Taylor could be a bigger fish to fry with.

And Nicole tells us that’s what her goal is. Not only does she want Taylor to leave, she wants whatever power or reward she can get for avoiding eviction and losing her feisty bestie.

Amira also wants to see Taylor through the back door. So she goes to Turner and tells him that Taylor said she wants to target the men if HOH wins. Amirah says she will use the veto on Michael and Brittany as well.

Turner thinks that chasing Taylor would be the easiest way to get the blood off his hands. And Nicole confirms to Turner that she’s okay with going up (of course she is, because she wants that power).

But then Joseph, Kyle, Monte and Turner meet in the HOH room to discuss that pooch last week. And Kyle tells People that Alyssa told him about girls working together. Joseph says he has to start sneaking up on the girls or they’re all going to come forward after Taylor leaves this week. And then Kyle reminds the guys that Taylor isn’t with other girls and they want her more than anything. So it is obvious that girls only benefit by getting Taylor out.

Then there is talk of Amira. Joseph mentions how close Amira has been to winning things, and says that either Amira or Nicole have a good shot at winning the entire game. And then the wheels start spinning.

Kyle says that if the veto is used, Turner can set up Amira and Terence, and they can target Amira. Kyle says he’s sure he can pull Michael and Brittany, and then he can pull Taylor too because she’s been on her own this whole time.

So that group of people forms The Pound, which is named after their fallen brother Pooch.

It’s time to select the players for the veto contest. Joining Turner/Jasmine, Michael/Britney, is Taylor/Nicole. Oops. Most people didn’t want to do that with this draw. Nicole also tells us in the diary room that she might have to throw the contest. But then Turner revealed that just because you survive the night of the eviction isn’t safe next week. Nicole is less into the idea of ​​throwing Vito now, but she says she will still do it to help take Taylor out.

Nicole has to throw Vito, she starts to get him, so she has a slightly emotional moment, and in tears tells the others to leave the room. The other house guests are concerned that Nicole Lord has some kind of bad news about her mother. But it’s really about throwing the competition away for him. Nicole says she has no real problem with Taylor over it. Daniels tells him that Taylor is affecting his game, though. So Nicole says that’s all she needs to know and do. Daniels even says that he doesn’t see Taylor as a good person. Nicole says she doesn’t either and says that Taylor is a loose cannon. Meanwhile, Taylor is worried about Nicole in the other room and even tells Monte to pray for Nicole.

So Taylor goes to check on Nicole. Taylor says Nicole needs to do whatever she needs to do. Taylor says if there’s a point where you have to tap out, don’t worry about it. Nicole thinks Taylor is trying to leave her. She says that she doesn’t need anyone to ask her to bow down.

Nicole then goes and tells Daniel that Taylor was being passive aggressive and was trying to leave him. And Daniel gets really upset. He’s already had a major issue with Taylor for reasons unknown, which makes him upset. And Daniel confronts him. He asks her to stop with his fakeness. He says that she can f immediately and cannot talk to her again.

Taylor didn’t even know what was happening and thought it was a joke. He is really confused by all this. He then blames Taylor for leaving the game to Paloma. And asks her not to talk to Nicole like this. No one can understand why Daniel is reacting like this.

Nicole jumps into them and tells Taylor that she needs to learn to talk to people. Joseph tells us in DR that he has never seen Taylor do this to anyone.

Okay, enough for Danielle and Nicole Mace. Let’s move on to the veto contest. For this week, players have to climb a tree to assemble a puzzle on top of their tree. One player will be on the field, one in the air. The pair that finishes the puzzle first wins the veto.

And then for some reason (it’s not totally just her being lazy), Jasmine passes out and can’t compete in the contest. So only two pairs will compete. it should be easy.

and it was.

Michael and Brittany win the Power of Veto! And Turner’s plan is one step closer to Amirah’s back door.

But there are a few more steps to cover. Enter Joseph. He knows what happened to Daniel and Taylor, he starts recruiting Michael and Brittany while Monte recruits Taylor. They all meet in the HOH room and discuss the plan. Kyle tells Taylor that he’s very sick of how he’s been treated, and that’s why he feels so passionate about it. And they’re all down. And so The Leftovers was born.

We haven’t got a veto ceremony tonight, but if you want to know how it went down, check out our veto function spoilers,

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