The story of the shortest 2022 NFL training camp: Tom Brady’s Buccaneers still stack up in the NFC

There are training camps going on in the NFL, and there’s no shortage of notable headlines. between quarterback competitions And contract holdoutSummer should offer a lot of intrigue before the real games begin.

But what about subjects that are not getting the attention they deserve? Here’s a look at five of the most underrated camp stories worth monitoring, as teams ramp up for the 2022 season:

Buccaneers (still) loaded

Mike Evans and Tom Brady


This offseason, Tom Brady literally retired, returning (after an alleged flirtation with) dolphin), has said goodbye to Bruce Arian, and is now almost 45 years old going to the eighth Super Bowl ring, and somehow the Bucs don’t feel even close to being the talk of the town. We may have become so used to the clockwork that Brady’s march for a playoff run, but has anyone looked at the Tampa Bay depth chart lately? Even with Chris Godwin recovering from injury, the TB12 may have the best weapons Florida has ever produced: Mike Evans, Leonard Fournett, Julio Jones, Russell Gage, a sterling line and defense. . If you take a moment to stop gawking at AFC West, you’ll quickly realize that the old man and his friends still stand as NFC powerhouses.

Odell Beckham Jr. is still without a team

Odell Beckham Jr.


No, he will not be available at the beginning of the year as he recovers from his Super Bowl ACL tear, and no, he is not a Spring Chicken because he is 30 years old. But it’s really surprising that he hasn’t remodeled yet either. Rams or cash elsewhere. Once he got far enough out of the dark hole that was his final stretch in Cleveland, OBJ emerged again as a legitimate weapon, helping to drive the title to Los Angeles. His hands and energy are intact. If Julio Jones can get up to $8 million as a secondary piece at this point in his career, Beckham almost certainly can too. Someone will be happy to deploy him in December.

blinding hole packer And Raiders

Aaron Rodgers and Randall Kobbe


It’s only right to tie them together, what with Green Bay Shipping Aaron Rodgers sending favorite Davante Adams to Las Vegas, and Rodgers now making fun of Adams’ love affair with Derek Carr. Both teams have high hopes, the Packers looking to convert regular-season dominance into post-season victories and the Raiders looking to justify their precious off-season. And both can be good; Rodgers, in particular, makes sure Green Bay remains competitive at least. But are the Packers really going into 2022, potentially the final season of A-Rod, with Alan Lazard, Sammy Watkins and Randall Cobb as their top experienced receivers? Brian Gutekunst will have to use some of his new expansion money to figure out any potential last-minute trades, no? For the Raiders, the receiver isn’t a problem now that Adams is in town, but goodness is merciful, will Carr have time to deliver the ball to the back of his line? His starting five was already iffy after a rough 2021, and then right guard Denzel Good abruptly retired this week.

from the coast of Trubisky steelers‘QB Job’

Michelle Trubisky


Every indication from Pittsburgh so far has been that Michelle Trubisky, was Bear The castoff, who has started all nine games in the past two years, is basically a lock to open 2022 under center as Ben Roethlisberger’s successor. Which is fine, considering he’s been a full-time timer before, unlike rookie Kenny Pickett. And of course the setup for Trubisky is better than what he often put in Chicago; Leaning on Nazi Harris, a better line and spirited defense could actually allow the QB to play spoilers. But the Steelers nonetheless made Piquet the 20th player selected in the entire 2022 draft class – the first Day 1 QB he himself has chosen since Big Ben. Is he really incapable of stealing the job quickly? Or is Trubisky composed?

The Staffing Behind the Acquisition of Trey Lance

Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo


Lance has been the poster boy for change in San Francisco, opening camp as declared QB1 while proven but injury-prone Jimmy Garoppolo awaits his departure. their athletic gifts should help make it 49ers Must watch TV in 2022. What isn’t getting a ton of pubs, however, is the turnover that has happened this off-season, especially in areas important to the Lance’s growth. As NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” noted this week, San Francisco didn’t lose Mike McDaniel, Kyle Shanahan’s right-hand man, to a head coaching gig. It also tabbed former NFL QB and broadcaster Brian Griese, who had been Lance’s never-before assistant as a QB coach. There’s a lot of uncertainty there. One name that could be helpful in unlocking Lance as well: Anthony Lynn, ex chargers The coach who essentially replaced McDaniel as the run-game leader.

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