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big brother 24 The houseguests spent the eve of the eviction debating their votes, or at least pretending to debate their votes. And so far, it appears to be a very divided vote. Terence has worked much harder than Amira in campaigning, of course, because she thinks she is safe and is convinced that Turner’s move this week is going to backfire on her. but will? Read on to find out how the votes go down and what other plans HG is thinking about when they go into Week 4 Thursday night.

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3:15 PM BBT – Brittany is talking to Terence, and the information she’s telling him is too risky with. She tells him that she thinks some people are in three or four alliances and says that there is an inner circle.

3:20 PM BBT – Terence wonders who the leader of the circle is. Brittany says it is Amira and asks who becomes the leader when she leaves. Terence says he thinks it will be Nicole.

3:34 PM BBT – Michael tells Terence that the house needs to be shaken up this week and says that both him and Brittany are seen as easy targets.

3:39 PM BBT – Terrence tells Michael that Daniel said he has his vote and thinks he has Kyle. She thinks Nicole will vote with Danielle too. Terence says he feels confident.

3:48 PM BBT – Kyle tells Terence he’s still not sure what he’s going to do. He says that he wants to check in with Danielle first because they are “festy besties”.

3:58 PM BBT – Terence is now campaigning for Daniels. He says he’ll have 100 percent Daniel’s back if he stays. Daniels says he still needs to see what others are thinking of the vote. Daniel tells him that he hopes he stays.

4:14 PM BBT – Terence is now talking to Jasmine. She tells him that she doesn’t know what his vote will be. She says she will let him know when she decides.

4:45 PM BBT – Nicole and Daniel say they plan to tell Terence tonight how they’re voting. Nicole says it looks like the votes are going in favor of Amira. Daniel asks Nicole if he thinks it’s a bad move if he gives Terence the sympathy vote. Nicole says absolutely not. Daniel says that he will tell people that he did it too.

4:50 PM BBT – Brittany tells Michael that Terrence thinks she has the vote for Daniels but not for Nicole.

5:05 PM BBT – Joseph tells Nicole that he took her advice and is in talks to figure out how to vote. He says he is 50/50 now. Joseph asks him if he has made his decision. She says no, she will not go till tomorrow.

6:20 PM BBT – Nicole says she hates the game because she tells Amirah she’ll vote to keep him. Alyssa says that she accidentally told Terence in advance that she was going to miss him.

6:25 PM BBT – Nicole says Turner made a move but it’s not working for her and it sucks that Terrence has to go. Amira says that when you take such a step, it is not beneficial in the long run.

6:32 PM BBT – Joseph tells Jasmine that he’ll have votes to stay if he and Turner end up on the block. Jasmine says that she wants to get Turner out.

6:40 PM BBT – Jasmine asks Joseph if he should lie to Turner about voting for Terence to stay. Joseph tells her just to say that she doesn’t know.

6:46 PM BBT – Jasmine, Amira and the other girls are convinced Joseph wants Turner out badly.

8:10 PM BBT – Monte tells Brittany that Daniel or Nicole needs to go next week. Brittany agrees.

8:24 PM BBT – Jasmine tells Britney she’s an Instagram influencer and makes six figures.

8:35 PM BBT – Taylor tells Britney they have to put Amira at ease. They both talk about how they can’t remember that last season went to a halt so quickly.

8:44 PM BBT – Kyle tells Brittany and Taylor that he thinks he’s going to tell Daniel that he’s going to keep Amira to try to get her to vote for him. They want the vote to be 6-5, so it is easy to point fingers at where the votes come from.

9:25 PM BBT – Nicole tells Michael that she doesn’t know what’s going on with Joseph because he tells her he’s undecided and then keeps trying to get more information from her. Nicole says she is not telling him anything.

9:50 PM BBT – Nicole worries Michael that Alyssa might be leaking. She doesn’t want to give Alyssa much information because she can tell Jasmine about their six (Poe’s pack). Nicole also complained that Britney talked to Amira about Nicole and Danielle’s votes.

10:00 PM BBT – Nicole tells Kyle she’s going to vote for Terence and she’ll tell Terence he’s going home. She doesn’t want them to mislead Terence into thinking he’s evading the vote, but says they can give him a sympathy vote if they want.

10:15 PM BBT – Nicole tells Terence he’s on his way home. She tells him that she was a cop for ten years.

10:25 PM BBT – Michael and Kyle are worried about how they’re going to cover their votes. They wonder about using his suggestion of sympathy votes.

10:45PM BBT – Upstairs in the HOH room with Turner Nicole tells Terence that she’s her soulmate in this game and she’s crushed that she’ll have to play it without him.

11:00 PM BBT – After Nicole leaves the HOH room, Turner tells Terrence he’ll be fine and isn’t going to vote. When Nicole tells Terence he is leaving, Turner apologizes for laughing. Terence explains that his note aligns with that of Nicole and Daniel.

11:15 PM BBT – Daniel, Amirah and Nicole discuss sympathy votes for Terence.

11:30PM BBT – Brittany and Michael agree that all Lefties will have to vote for Amira, no sympathy vote, just in case Daniel or Nicole withdraws their votes to keep Terence from sympathy votes.

12:00AM BBT – HN are ending and HG is celebrating.

12:20 am BBT – HG discusses life back home, going to college, and choosing a career for life.

1:00am BBT – Monte Terrence is working on what it plans to do when it stays and where it will align. Terence says he will support Monte if he stays this week.

1:15AM BBT – Monte promises Terence the goal will be clear soon and it won’t be him

2:00 AM BBT – Kyle, Brittany and Michael discuss how surprised Nicole and Daniel will be after the vote.

2:35AM BBT – Turner tells Monte that Nicole offered to work together and she didn’t know what to say. Monte says he should not decline an offer.

3:30AM BBT – Some leftover games meet for a quick game chat.

3:45 am BBT – Taylor camtalks that she believes it will work. She wants to win HOH.

4:10 am BBT – Kelly and Taylor are alone in the HN room talking game. Taylor tells Kyle that his target is Daniel and thinks the girls won’t trust him after this. Kyle says that he is ready to step up as a pawn to take out Daniels.

4:45 am BBT – Taylor goes to bed after walking alone for a while.

Tensions are going to be very high Thursday night, but expect the calm before the storm unless someone lays out the plan. Amira slept early feeling confident and she shouldn’t have done that. The Left is ready to vote for him and then we will see a big fight for power in the next round of BB24.

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